College is hard enough with all of the distractions but take that and times it by 100 abroad. There is so much to see and experience abroad but don’t forget that you need the credits back home! Teachers abroad are very aware that you want to go out and explore but they also need to be teaching you. The work isn’t too extensive but if you push it off, it’ll be sure to pile up. Most colleges in Europe don’t believe in homework assignments. Rather they give you readings that’ll help extend your knowledge on the subject but I highly suggest reading them (especially if you didn’t understand the lesson).
Here are some tips for making sure you pass those classes and enjoy your time abroad!
1. Always do the work right after class.
2. If you need to miss a class, send them an email! (you usually get one excused absence)
3. Make a good class schedule, try to have a Monday or Friday off to have long weekend trips.
4. Pay attention during lectures.
5. Ask questions when you don’t understand.
6. Make sure you’re interested in the class.
7.Bring work to a cafe! You get work done while still enjoying the culture
8. Its all about balance.
9. Make friends in your classes. It’s always good to have support when presenting or studying for a test.
10. Don’t stress it!
In the end, it’s all about enjoying yourself and learning something new whether that something new is about the European Union or about which bar has better music. You will never be this young and this free in your life, so take up every opportunity you can.