For my first weekend getaway from Berlin, I headed off to Amsterdam! I don’t think there are any amount of words that could describe Amsterdam. I felt as if I was in a fake city with all of the bikers and clean streets. Before I went to Amsterdam I had the idea that it would be a crazy loud city with people all over but I was certainly wrong when I arrived. You could feel the clean air in Amsterdam, it was so refreshing. I felt a true kind of peacefulness as I was there. Because of the extensive use of public transportation, there was barely any noise besides that of the people and trams, it was a whole new experience coming from a city with 24/7 noise.

There is SO much to do in Amsterdam but 3 days is definitely a good enough time to get it all done! Of course, we had to hit up the top spots. January was a very good time to go Amsterdam because tourism isn’t as high due to the cold weather but everything is still due-able 🙂 it was only around 30 degrees!
I know everyone is on their toes about going to Amsterdam because of weed and drugs but this is very easily avoidable! Coffeeshops are usually underground so you have to walk downstairs to them. They’re not really just out there on the streets. You can’t freely walk around smoking. Only in the coffeeshops, in a park where children and elders aren’t present, and in the comfort of your own home can you smoke. Everyone is very respectable of these rules too so make sure you are if you decide to hit up a coffee shop.
I highly suggest going to the A’dam lookout! It’s a great tower where you can see the whole city of Amsterdam from the deck. Definitely buy tickets beforehand online so you can skip the line during the busy season. There is also a swing that you can go on which is pretty amazing/ scary all at the same time. It is only 5 euros so why not do it! Our flight was really early in the morning so we just walked around and relaxed all day.
You could easily walk around Amsterdam all day without even knowing. Somehow we ended up in the Red Light district without even realizing, it was very interesting/sad/scary to be there. Make sure to only be there in the day as it can get dangerous at night.
A’dam Lookout website:
A day of museums and art!
There is a Van Gough and Banksy museum in Amsterdam which is a must go even if you aren’t an art lover, they are truly beautiful pieces with amazing meanings. Make sure to have a student ID with you because you can get a discount at the Moco Museum (Banksy) but sadly not at the Van Gough museum. If you’re 18 and under you can get into the Van Gough museum for free but otherwise you must pay 18 euros! Buy Van Gogh tickets online!! Otherwise, you have to wait in a line for almost an hour and the museum closes at 5 so it could get close. Both of these museums are right near each other as well as the “I am Amsterdam” sign. It is the perfect destination to get all your touristy things done.
Amsterdam is a great place for your artsy Instagram pics so make sure to have a good friend with you that can double as your photographer 😉 Thanks Sofia for all the great pics xo
Amsterdam was definitely one of my favorite experiences and I would 100% visit again!