What do you think of when you think of the “college years”? When I think of college I think of a period of time where one set on the journey of career goals, finding themselves, and becoming a true adult, while HAVING FUN, of course! Within these years are lots of experience and interaction. The way we learn about each other and ourselves is by meeting new people, going out and watching a game, or getting drinks with some friends. What better place to do these things and meet the greatest people than in Boston?!

Boston can promise you the best college experience of your life if you let it. The greatest quality of Boston is that although we are a city populated by people from all over the world, we all share the same Boston pride. No matter where you come from, you will find an aura about this warm-hearted city that will make you feel like you never left home. Our city is big, but small enough where you won’t feel overwhelmed or as if you will never know some parts of town. However, there are always new places to explore and things to learn about so you will never be bored on a weekend.

More importantly, we are home to the best sports teams and host the greatest events! The Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and the Patriots are huge names and iconic symbols throughout the city, and you can always find your way making conversation based on anyone. Also, Boston’s TD Bank North Garden, which hosts all types of big events from basketball and hockey games to concerts and other live shows, is easily accessible from all parts of Boston via the affordable MBTA. Boston has been visited by THOUSANDS of celebrities. Boston is always hosting different events from College Fest in Fenway Park

during the beginning of the school year, to the famous 26 mile Boston Marathon each year which attracts amazing runners and viewers from all over the world!

Boston’s famous North End is also a MAJOR attraction. Whether you’re into food or history, the North End can promise you fulfillment in both categories. The North End is home to some of the best food you will ever discover in Boston. From The best pasta to pastries, you will feel like you’re in a little Italy! Bova’s Bakery, Mike’s Pastry, and Modern Pastry are three of the best pastry shops in town, and I’ll leave you to decide which is best. There are plenty of authentic Italian restaurants perfect for a night out with friends or a celebration dinner. There is a warm atmosphere of the North End and I can promise, you’ll never leave hungry.

Oh, don’t forget the shopping… Boston has one of the greatest shopping streets in the whole New England area: Newbury Street. Lined with some of the chicest brand names, Newbury Street is glammed from head to toe, with selections for all ages. Right next to Newbury Street lives Boylston Street, home to many more stores and the infamous Prudential Center and Skywalk observatory! There are also plenty of delicious restaurants, perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner! This area is perfect for exploring, having a day or night out. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll feel fashionable and fun.

The greatest part of it all is that Boston is extremely accessible and on a nice day, you can basically walk to any of these parts of town from wherever you might be. Boston has plenty of hole-in-the-wall spots from shops to restaurants, and while you are going to school here, you will definitely become in the know of these spots. Boston college students share a bond and love for the city and everything it has to offer.

Always Boston Strong!

Sadiya Croshaw