New Snapchat updates are slowly but surely rolling out and, not surprisingly, people don’t seem to be adjusting well to the changes. Basically, Snapchat went and moved everything on us. Considering that we’re all such creatures of habit, this is the exact type of remodel that tends to mess with its users the most.

Before, you swipe left from the main screen to look at all of your friends’ stories, but now in order to do that you need to swipe right. But honestly? That’s not even the worst of it. The thing that is making everyone bug out the most is the fact that stories, as well as private messaging, are now all in the same place, which basically makes for an unnecessarily confusing list of names.

Instead of learning from the mistakes of Instagram, Snapchat also decided to jump on the bandwagon of doing away with any sort of chronological timeline, so on top of the fact that it’s gonna be easier than ever to accidentally look at snap stories you didn’t want to see, you’re gonna be looking at them in a weird order. The new redesign is supposedly organizing your friends’ stories based off of who you communicate with most…but what about all the celebrities we’re following? Does that mean we now need to scroll down, or god forbid use the search bar, to keep up with Kylie Jenner’s new baby??

You don’t know our lives Snapchat.

Kasara Antonelli Donnelly