Who misses their high school body? It was a time when life was simpler and McDonald’s was ordered without the pains of guilt. Adulthood came and you began to search for every shortcut to look as fit as possible within the unhealthy lifestyle of being an adult. Mom’s cooking is no longer readily available and you too much enjoy naughty indulgences of vices. You turned to supplements, intermittent fasting, and even drinking apple cider vinegar every morning all to no avail. But any historian will tell you; the secrets to the future are in the past.

The average person was in the best shape of their lives when they were forced to read The Great Gatsby and be subjected to the Suck Ass Test (S.A.T.). So no matter what sport you played in your glory days, the keys to losing those extra pounds and toning up may be in your high school varsity workouts. Could you currently run the suicides that you had to face back then? Could you make it through the same agility drills now with the same ease that you use to? Can you jump as high? Can you stretch as far?

Think back to the worst workouts you remember from high school. Whether it was in the weight room, on the ice, court or field, do it! Body composition is directly correlated to athletic performance. Perform better athletically and the body will shape itself to do just that.