For me, when I was just starting out using making, finding the perfect brushes was hard. While some brushes worked for others, I was always wondering why it was so hard to apply makeup with all the different types of bristles, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes I would even use a brush for a different purpose than what it is actually created for! This led to lots of confusion and frustration. But I finally got my brush game on point! And you can too!
IMG_3934The brushes I am going to show you in this blog have made it so much easier for me to apply my make up every day. I hope they work out for you as well!
IMG_3935EcoTools Large Powder Brush ($8): This earth-friendly powder brush is super soft and easy to use! It is very affordable and you can find it almost any drugstore such as CVS, Walgreens and Target. It is great for applying face powder or finishing powder. This brush is perfect if you are just beginning your brush collection and do not feel like spending $40 on one brush!

IMG_3942Elf Flawless Concealer Brush ($3): This brush is great to apply powder on your under eyes after concealer. It is a very sturdy brush and the bristles do not shed, which I find that most cheaper brushes tend to do. It is very dense and blends very well. This brush is very versatile because you can also use this to blend your eyeshadow. The best part is that it is so affordable and Elf makes many types and sizes of brushes that are all very high quality!

IMG_3941Target Up & Up brand blush brush ($6): I have many blush brushes and this is the one I always go to. (Sorry it is so dirty! I took pictures before I cleaned them!) It is soft and the perfect size because some can be too big and some can be too small. It picks up the right amount of product each time.

IMG_3938Sephora Collection #74 Pro Small Blush and Contour Brush ($30): This is a small brush that allows for the perfect intensity of blush application and blending for all face shapes. It is great for those with smaller face shapes or for ones who like more control on contouring. You can apply product precisely right where you need it. It blends perfectly when contouring and gives a defined application!

IMG_3937Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush ($25): This is a great brush for all over the lid when applying eyeshadow. This is such a go-to product for me and it has lasted me years! It never sheds on me and does the job perfectly every time. If you only have enough money to purchase one MAC brush, I highly recommend this be the one!

IMG_3936Elf Contour Brush ($3): This brush is for adding darker shades to the outer corner of the eyelid when darkening up your eye look. The domed bristles pick up a lot of color and deposit it onto the eyelid for extra definition. For the price, it does not shed at all and I use this almost every day!

IMG_3939Sephora Pro Tapered Crease #19 ($20): When applying shades to the crease or blending out the eyeshadow I love to go to this brush. It is very high quality and it is so easy to use. The bristles are super soft but gets the job done. This gets into my crease perfectly and blends so well.

IMG_3940Sonia Kashuk Precision Pencil Brush ($10): If you need to smudge, apply a highlight under the eyebrow, or apply eye shadow around the lash line, this brush will serve you well. The perfect shape to get a precise thin line, or use the side of the bristles for a thicker line. For the price & quality, this brush is a good deal. I also love it for working in the outer V of my eyelid, and smudging the color into the crease to define my eyes. The handle design looks elegant and is comfortable to hold.

IMG_3943Beauty Blender ($20): I have talked about this in my blog before and when I first heard about this sponge I thought to myself “There’s no way I am going to spend $20 on a sponge!!” But I did and I am so glad! This pink sponge has made the process of applying foundation, bb cream, under eye powders, anything you can think of for applying to face unbelievably easy. Take it from me, this sponge can do it all. My skin looks amazing when I use this and the finish is fantastic and the application is very easy.