Let’s be honest, nothing makes a day better than starting it with brunch. As nice as it would be to have brunch and tea at the Ritz-Carlton every day, that lifestyle definitely is not realistic for the average teen. But don’t fear, it definitely doesn’t take a big budget to do brunch the right way. In fact, there are plenty of places all over Boston that have delicious brunch options, but wallet friendly prices and convenient locations. Without further ado, here are some excellent places to start your day.



Sometimes you just can’t wait for the weekend to dig into some brunch favorites like eggs benedict or a full stack of customizable pancakes. If that’s the case for you, then Brownstone is the perfect option. This Back Bay restaurant features a daily brunch menu from Monday-Friday, and a weekend brunch with even more delicious foods to pick from. With prices ranging from $6 to $16, the Brownstone definitely qualifies as affordable!


Flour Bakery+Café

If you have more of a sweet tooth, then be sure to check out flour bakery + café, which can be found in 8 locations all over the Boston and Cambridge area! While there are plenty of mouthwatering cakes, cookies, tarts, and pies there is a wide range of sweet breakfast options. Their full menu even has gluten-free, vegan, and nut free options, and prices as low as $3.50.  I mean, who could say no to a brunch full of sweet treats like these?


Mike & Patty’s

This North End restaurant is the definition of convenient, with an easy to access location AND options for take-out and even delivery! Mike & Patty’s features a variety of breakfast sandwiches that can be customized to your exact liking. Starting at low prices like $4.50, who could turn down a potential brunch in bed?



If you’re with a large group and want a restaurant where there is something for everyone, or you just want plenty of options, then be sure to check out Blunch found in the South End. When I say there is something for everyone, there is definitely something for everyone. There are sweet options like fresh muffins and scones, and hearty eggwiches and bagelwiches. The best part, all menu items are under $15! There are even options to create a custom eggwich with any combination of ingredients.


With great brunch options all over Boston, why not start your day off right? Here are the websites of all the mentioned restaurants, where you can find more pictures of the delicious foods, menus, and easily make reservations. Happy brunching!




Flour bakery + café


Mike & Patty’s





Olivia Maier