Boston is known for always bringing the best to it’s city, and this Fall the music scene is jam packed with legendary concerts and we have all the info you need to make sure you don’t miss out.

  1. Flume at the House of Blues on August 29th & 30th

Flume is up and coming, but definitely worth seeing, known for “Never Be Like You” and “Say it” Flume will not disappoint.

2. Sammy Adams at House of Blues on September 7th

Boston’s boy is back in town and Sammy is promising a good time. Known for his songs “All Night Longer” and “L.A Story” Adams will be a non-stop party.


3. Adele at the Garden on September 14th & 15th

Adele is back on tour for her first time in five years, so it is safe to say that this is a hot ticket. Adele is a true performer and her show will be unlike any other


4. Jeremih at the House of Blues on September 28th

Want to go out for a fun night with friends? Jeremih is your dude. Partying with your girls to “Oui” or “Don’t Tell Em” is the perfect way to spend your night.


5. Blake Shelton at the Garden on October 1st

You don’t have to go see Blake Shelton in concert but, “It would sure be cool if you did.” Blake is known for rocking out the house and his show at the Garden will no doubt be incredible.


6. Sia at the Garden on October 18th

Sia is weird, but in the best way possible. Her imagination is unlike any other and she promises to give you a show you will never forget. From her dancers to her set and costumes she is truly a performer.