La La Land, the City of Angels, Los Angeles! Every girl dreams of going to LA with their BFFs, and I was lucky enough to spend a whole week with my own personal tour guide! (My Bentley room mate is from LA and brought us to all of the hot spots). Now, I am here to report to you the must-see spots for all you wanna-be California Girls.

  1. The Hollywood Sign It is the classic photo opp, and also great motivation for a workout! The farther you walk, the closer you get and the better the pic!



2. Disney Land & California Adventure Visiting Disney while in LA is a no brainer, it’s about a one hour drive, the happiest place on the planet and the photographic color scheme is insane. Literally every picture comes out perfect.17156222_10212031066716344_917902298523811671_n17190760_10212077231750441_5887625948052944164_n

3. The Bigg Chill Customizable ice cream bowls and a great photo opportunity? How could you not?


4. In-N-Out If you hit the West Coast, In-N-Out is as famous as the Hollywood Sign.  At In-N-Out Burger, quality is everything and quality photos are what you will get … along with one amazing burger.


5. Paul Smith, Limited Super fun and super easy. Just strike a pose against the neon pink wall and you’re in photo heaven.  Sure, it may be known as the most basic tourist Instagram pic ever! But it’s pink, it’s fun, and it’s totally worth it.


6. Colette Miller’s “Angel Wings” Colette Miller is known for decorating walls and public spaces with these beautiful wings from LA and across the globe. LA has more than one pair, but the best ones can be found right next to “Spokes ‘N Stuff” on Melrose.


Clearly, any visit to Los Angeles will be full of many life-lasting memories.  What better way to remember every moment than to snap some amazing pictures.  In Los Angeles, everyone is a star, and so make sure your pictures shine too!