It is no doubt that Nike has been at the forefront of athletic apparel. From the early running days heralded by Steve Prefontaine to the Brand Jordan platform that revolutionized athlete endorsement, Nike is cemented in American business legacy alongside other American cultural goliaths like Ford and Coca-Cola.

A year ago, Nike presented to the world a piece of sportswear that is honestly the most impactful to athletic culture in recent years. The NIKE PRO Hijab. The hijab is a head covering worn in public by Muslim women.

The NIKE PRO Hijab is a full embracement of women into sports. Nike has made short tennis skirts and low “V” cut running singlets, but catering a product to reach female athletes outside western culture should be championed.

Secondly, the performance hijab breaks the mold of women not being able to stand out in sports. Yes, there has been feminine-centric attention to women’s sportswear for a while but the NIKE PRO Hijab represents a global attitude shift to embrace all women and not just western athletes.

Lastly, Nike is helping give identity to all athletes. A person’s gender, background, or beliefs should never stop their pursuit of athletic achievement and they should not have to sacrifice anything culturally significant to them in their pursuit.

Maybe I’m thinking too deep into Nike’s latest product but as a lover of sports and inclusion, how could you not love it!