Award show season definitely has been full of surprises, but my favorite has been the wide range of dresses that have been seen. While the SAG Awards featured vibrant and fun colors, the Golden Globes saw mainly black outfits as many attendants chose to honor both the #TimesUp movement and #MeToo. At both events, the outfits seen have left me feeling like my wardrobe might be missing a little something. Of course I would love to snap a Valentino dress, but instead, I’ve found some affordable versions of my favorites that I will definitely be adding to my closet. Whether you’re looking for some casual dresses or the perfect gown for an upcoming formal event this award show season provides the perfect source for inspiration!

SAG Awards

            The Screen Actors Guild Awards were full of pieces ranging in silhouettes and colors which all made a statement on the red carpet. I know that I’d love to find an excuse to wear some of these numbers in my daily life but I just don’t see any red carpets in my future. That’s why for these stunning pieces I decided to find some affordable and practical versions.

Sydelle Noel was definitely a stand out in a gorgeous canary yellow dress by Leanne Marshall. Everything about her look just screams youthful, and it’s a look that would flatter virtually anyone. The color is vibrant without being too dramatic, and the cinch at the waist combined with the flowy bottom creates a really fun and flattering dress. This version of Nordstrom takes all the best parts of Sydelle’s dress while remaining casual enough to be practical for everyday life. With a $47.40 price tag, how can you resist?


This dress that Vanessa Kirby is wearing by Valentino might be my personal favorite of the night. With a fairly neutral and understated base, all of the flower details are really able to pop. It’s the perfect combination of bohemian, romantic, and chic styles. There are two amazing versions that can both be found on ASOS that really capture that same combination. The middle dress is $62, and the one on the far right is only $44!

This stunning cobalt blue Ralph Lauren that Mandy Moore is wearing continues with the trend of bright and youthful designs that were seen at the SAG Awards. I love the fact that the simple silhouette and straps really let the color be the main focus of her dress. This ASOS version for $56 is able to really match that.

Golden Globes 

            The Golden Globes are known to see stunning and dramatic outfits year after year. While we might not be headed to the Golden Globes that doesn’t mean there aren’t events worth getting glammed up for! Here are some pieces that were seen at the Golden Globes, and a side by side to an affordable alternative that can be worn for any formal occasions.

Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a stunning sheer black gown as she attended the 2018 Golden Globes. This gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress features a plunging neckline and sheer fabric that is able to perfectly balance sexy without crossing into the realm of indecency. This version by Cotton Candy LA can be found at Bloomingdales for $68!

Saoirse Ronan joined the many attendants who paid tribute to both the #TimesUp and #MeToo by wearing black to the ceremony. Her black dress of choice was designed by Atelier Versace and stood out with a unique one sleeve design. While this version found on Windsor doesn’t have the metallic details, it will definitely grab everyone’s eyes with the ruffled shoulder! It rings in at $55 which makes this deal even sweeter.

While these dresses are all personal favorites of mine, there were so many more amazing outfits at the award shows so far, and there will definitely be more to come. If you ever find yourself looking at the red carpet pictures wishing for one of those stunning outfits, just remember that there are plenty of options out there that are almost perfect doubles for any designer dress.

Photo: Elizabeth Weise, USA Today