DirtyWaterTeen cares. We care a lot. We care so much that we don’t want you to fall victim to bogus nutrition fads. We encourage you to research on your own and consult with professional help. Professional help is not scrolling down your favorite Insta fitness guru’s page. Seek a nutritionist or a medical research book.

But DirtyWaterTeen is here to dispel 3 of the top bogus nutritional fads.

#1 “No Carb Diet”
Though it may be beneficial to limit bread and sugary sweets, vegetables and lean meats have carbs. A true “no carb diet” consist of eating air. We are trying to save you from sounding stupid. Also, cornmeal is a staple in the Kenyan running diet. Google “Kenyan runners.” Simplest Nutritional Statement: You need carbohydrates to live.

#2 “Gluten-Free”
Unless you have a gluten allergy or have been diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten is not the devil. Many people boarded the “gluten-free” express and found themselves quickly headed to an unhealthier place. When people attempted to eat “gluten-free” they found themselves buying more and more processed food that was labeled as “gluten-free.” Processed foods are full of preservatives. Simplest Nutritional Statement: Preservatives are bad chemicals.

#3 “I Can’t Cheat! Never and Ever”
Congratulations on your great meal planning and the wonderful results that have come to you. Self-discipline is the only discipline. But eating healthy is not like giving up an addictive drug. Don’t be afraid of moderation. Your favorite snack or meal once a week is okay! Simplest Nutritional Statement: Sometimes you have to eat for your emotional health.

Photo: Boston Herald