If you have found yourself without gym access, in a time crunch, or too broke for a spin class (we’ve all been there), here are some great FREE workouts from your buddies at DirtyWaterTeen. Find a safe street, spacious park, or even make space in your living room!


Perform 10 walking lunges (5 each leg). Immediately perform a brisk 45 sec jog. Repeat without any rest between the lunges and jog. You may set of goal of doing 10 sets of each interval or set a 20-minute timer and see how many intervals you can do.


Grab yourself a deck of cards or dice. You can even place numbers 1 through 10 in a hat. Draw or roll 2 numbers, add them, then perform that number of repetitions for an exercise of your choosing. For best results, do 10 iterations of the same exercise before choosing a new one. Sample exercises: squat jumps, pushups, Russian twists, sit-ups.


Find yourself a safe running path or road that is not obstructed by traffic, traffic signals or other pedestrians. Set a countdown timer of 10 minutes and run at a comfortable and consistent pace. When time is up, immediately turn around and set your timer counting up and run back to your starting point as fast as you can. Your goal is to beat 10 minutes!