Kendall Jenner Has Got Some Moves


Kendall Jenner has already proven herself to be America’s it-girl right now. She’s a highly sought after fashion model and now she’s demonstrating her talents off the catwalk and onto the dance floor.

That’s right, Kendall displays some impressive – albeit brief – dance moves in a new music video campaign promoting Balmain’s hotly-anticipated H&M collaboration, which is due to launch in stores in early November – just in time for the holidays.

In the futuristic video, which is set on a subway train in Asia, Kendall takes part in three intense dance battles, along with a crew of Balmain-clad professional dancers. The video begins with Kendall, who is wearing a bead-encrusted blazer from the new Balmain x H&M line, strutting into an eerily empty subway station. She purchases her ticket and walks on to the platform where she is joined by group of friends all decked out in Balmain fashions.
As they stroll through the station, the well-dressed gang comes across a dancer, who shows off his break-dance moves before following them onto the subway car along with a group of his friends, who challenge Kendall’s Balmain Army to a dance-off.
Kendall Jenner BalmainOne of the more stunning outfits that Kendall wears in the video is a vivid green Balmain x H&M sequin embellished dress that just screams – wear me out for the holidays!! It’s a stunner, even if you aren’t 6+ feet tall and absolutely stunning. The intensely festive shade of green paired with the sexy plunging neckline make the $199 price tag feel – although uncharacteristic of H&M’s typical price point – well worth the money.