Kendall Jenner Whips In the New H&M x Balmain Campaign


As the November 5th launch of Balmain for H&M quickly approaches, more and more exciting details keep unfolding. Like this Yahoo! Style exclusive video featuring Oliver Rousting pal and Balmain fangirl Kendall Jenner dancing her way into Balmain’s affections – and ours! Rousting, the label’s creative director, talked about why Kendall was the perfect fit for the campaign.

“Kendall had a lot of fun. It was a new experience for her. We had the best time. It was new for both of us. But more importantly, the campaign has to reflect the Balmain Army and for me, she is the most important. She is an icon. I’m inspired by her. For me she is the new Naomi, Claudia, Cindy. You know the type of models where people want to be her. Finally we go back to top models and are making dream girls. She also has an amazing soul and is so supportive. It is important for me to have my friends around me to support every project that I do. She’s just amazing and inspires an entire generation. I love that she’s global, and loves music, dancing, she’s the Balmain girl,” he said.

Sure, she’s beautiful. But can she dance? See for yourself.