Justin, You Have Absolutely Nothing to Apologize For


Justin Bieber has been busy getting everyone excited – on Instagram – for his new album release.  Hey, we’ve already fallen in love with “What Do Ü Mean”.  But he’s been teasing one particular track – “Sorry” – for quite some time now.  Well, it’s finally here … and we love that too.

A quote from the song says “I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to,” but we’re not sure if he’s being very sincere about that.  The video, which features moves that would put Drake’s dancing to shame, features a line up of dancers that are crazy to watch. The video itself, is pretty basic with a total white background that helps the dancer’s technicolor athletic wear truly pop. This video may have inspired a cool group Halloween costume for me and my friends.  Am I right?

The song itself is just as fun as his recent hit “What Do Ü Mean,” and it’s just as instantly addictive.

But, why so sorry Justin?  No need to apologize.  Except maybe for not showing your gorgeous face in this video.  But, I guess when you’re that famous, you don’t have to appear in your own videos.