Don’t you just love this guy? Marcus Smart, what a guy. NOPE. I hate him. Ever since he got drafted 6th overall here, I’ve wanted him gone.

6 days ago, I witnessed the best Marcus Smart play of all time. It was legendary and it was really the cherry on top of my hatred for this guy.

The Celtics were down by 1 point with 5.7 points in the game with Lakers’ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on the line. Caldwell-Pope missed the free-throw and Marcus Smart gets the rebound, dribbles all the way down the fucking court and jacks up a 3 and CLANK CLANK.

Marcus Smart Attempts Game-Winning 3

I don’t understand how people like this guy. All the sudden, Smart thinks he’s fucking Ray Allen shooting the 3 ball. What the fuck? Smart is shooting 29.9% from 3 this season and he has the fucking balls to go all the way down the court and take the final shot of the game to win it. I honestly wish I had that amount of confidence that he has. I’d go places.

Did he forget that Kyrie fucking Irving is on his team? He might of forgot. Marcus, let me just remind you that the guy that did this in the NBA Finals is wearing the same uniform as you….

Kyrie Irving Drains the Clutch Three in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

Goddamnit. Does he think he’s a goddamn superstar? Kyrie Irving is one of the best, if not the best closer in the National Basketball Association and he didn’t give him the damn ball? He also had Terry Rozier wide open as well. (Whose shooting 38.4% from 3)

I would rather Kyrie shoot a full-court shot with his left hand and with his eyes closed than Marcus Smart shoot a 3 at the buzzer or even at any point.

To make things even better, This is the best Marcus Smart story ever. After the game he missed the game-winning 3-pointer, he cut his hand when he “swiped at and hit a picture on the wall.” WHAT?? HAHAHAHA. I don’t even know what the fuck that means but it is so Marcus Smart that it is just hilarious to me and honestly, it’s a good thing for the team because he’s not playing for 2 weeks which is great. Don’t you love this guy? I wonder how bad this hand injury is because I just watched a 40-year-old Tom Brady throw a football 38 times 2 Sundays ago with a cut on his hand and Marcus Smart couldn’t play the next day. I question the severity of this cut on his hand. Pussy.

Yeah, you showed that picture frame whose boss Marcus! That picture frame was probably chirping Smart because he sucks so bad at basketball and missed the game-winning 3-pointer.

That picture frame is paying rent in Marcus Smart’s head right now. That picture frame has Smart rattled right now.

I look at his stats and I think to myself, what does he do well? This guy averages almost 5 3-pointers a game. FIVE. That’s more than Jayson Tatum (3.1%). This guy should be shooting maybe 1 3-pointer every 3 games. And that’s generous. HE SUCKS AT THE 3 BALL. And this guy averages 30 minutes a game? Lord almighty. Get this clown off the court. I can’t stand his flopping, I really can’t. He’ll get the refs to buy his flops occasionally because it’s the NBA and everything is a foul like he did against James Harden (Which was total bullshit).

Also, the Celtics are 3-1 in his absence right now and their only loss came to the Golden State Warriors by 4-points. I think they’re doing just fine without him.

I’m so mad just writing this so I am just going stop right here, I can’t do this anymore

Get this guy off this damn Celtics roster, I can’t take it anymore. He brings no value, I’d trade him for a rack of basketballs. I’d rather that picture frame on the Celtics roster than Marcus Smart. Alright, now I’m done.