A rivalry renewed, The Bruins take on the arch enemy Montreal Canadiens, the 2nd matchup in 4 days and the Bruins have the chance to bury Montreal’s season in the next couple days.


The B’s played Montreal the first time this season 4 days ago and defeated them 4-3 in shootout fashion at the Belle Center, now we head back to the Garden tonight and then we head back to the Belle Center 3 days from now.


The B’s have already separated themselves from Montreal in the Atlantic division as the Bruins are 12 points ahead of Montreal right now and there is really no chance Montreal can catch them in the standings. But, Montreal still has a sniff for the last wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference. The Habs sit 9 points out of the 2nd wild card spot currently held by the Pittsburgh Penguins with 51 points.


Here are the chance Bruins, ruin these pricks season. I fucking hate the Montreal Canadiens with a burning passion and what more would I want to see then the Bruins just absolutely bury the Canadiens in the standings. Or just to see those Canadiens players look lifeless on the bench crying and sucking their thumbs. Oh my god, watching that happen might be better than sex. I am really not sure, its close.


To make it even better, the Canadiens head coach happens to be that son of a bitch who almost fucked up our future until Bruce Cassidy came in and rescued the Bruins from turmoil. Yeah, that man is Claude freaking Julien. I used to love this man when he leads the B’s over the Vancouver Canucks to a Stanley Cup victory in 2011 but after that he did many things that started to piss me off.

  1. Along with Cam Neely, Julien was one of the driving forces that wanted Tyler Seguin out of town.
  2. The way Julien would give more playing time to old 4th line veterans (Rich Peverley, Greg Campbell, Daniel Paille) over the young talented prospects. (Ryan Spooner, David Pastrnak, Seguin)
  3. His unwillingness to adapt to his system from a defensive dominant system to a more fast-paced offensive style which is where the NHL is headed.


Those are the 3 main reasons why I couldn’t stand Julien anymore. The team wasn’t showing up to play on a nightly basis anymore, they missed the playoffs 2 straight seasons which sucked ass. He needed to get the fuck out.


Lastly, the main reason why I can’t stand Julien anymore is that when the B’s fired him, he turned right around and was hired by those Montreal Canadien assholes and ever since then. FUCK Claude Julien.


I revere the fact that he won us a Stanley Cup. He’s a good coach, but now. You turn around and go to our arch enemy. Fuck off buddy.


And look what he is doing with that team that is absolutely loaded with talent. Probably more talent than the Bruins.  They are sitting 6th in the Atlantic division with 42 points. HA HA HA!! They have the 5th worst record in the NHL. AH AH HA HA!!

Perfect! Keep doing what you’re doing Claude, you’re doing a PHENOMENAL job.


Back to the real story, Julien and the Canadiens are coming into the TD Garden tonight and I don’t care what Julien did for us in the past, I want to hear a thunder of boo’s towards him.


He’s a Canadien now and we need these 2 points. Bury these sons of bitches and hang 10 goals on their asses. They ain’t coming into our building and winning this game. Not happening, this is a nationally televised game on NBC, “Wednesday Night Rivalry.” This is more than just a game. ¬†


Let’s go B’s. Bury these pricks in the standings and put an end to their season.


Andrew Patti