The biggest hassle when preparing for a big trip is, of course, packing. Do you pack too much or too little? Don’t worry some of these tips may help. The most important trick of all, make sure not to forget anything important at home! Check out these helpful hacks for those important things to pack and those not so important.

I highly suggest using packing cubes to help consolidate your packing! Packing cubes help to keep you organized and allow you to add in that one last item that you’re iffy about. They can be found on Amazon or local retailers like Marshalls or Tj Maxx.
Make sure to take advantage of having a purse and a carry on bag for your flight!
*Reminder that I am packing for 6 months so I have packed more than usual/needed for a regular trip*

Purse: all of your important items
-Flight information/tickets
-Phone Charger
Carry on bag: things you’ll need in case of lost luggage
-Extra pants/shirt/socks/underwear
-Snacks (duh)
-Extra phone charger
-Entertainment i.e book or journal
-plug converters
-Warm coat
-Pants (4 pairs of jeans & 3 pairs of leggings)
-Dress up shirts & casual
-2 dresses
-3 skirts
-2 light jackets
– Toiletries i.e soap, deodorant, toothpaste. (Most of these items can be bought abroad. Unless you need a specific brand, I highly suggest just buying these items when you arrive)
-Don’t forget your makeup!
-Shoes (1 pair of heels, 2 pairs of booties, 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes)
-Medicine (This is very important! Make sure to get items that you use when you normally get cold or regular medicines that you use daily. It might be hard to find the specific items/brands when traveling abroad)
-For colder seasons remember your hat, gloves, and a scarf