While you may be abroad to learn about the culture, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the culture. Become and live like a local! As a student here at CIEE, we must provide meals for ourselves. While going to restaurants give you a look into their life, visiting a market makes you feel like you belong and live in Berlin. Although there are no translations for the food, it is pretty easy to maneuver your way around. Here in Berlin, you must bring your own bag or buy one. I highly suggest buying a reusable bag at the store so you have another bag to use for your returning trips to the market, they’re around 1 euro.
Now for some more fun, going to the famous local food spots around your area. Around Kreuzberg is the top spot called Curry 36 which we had to try our first night out after orientation. Curry 36 is not a sit-down restaurant, you order your food at the window then you have the option to stand at one of the tables outside or walk around Berlin with it. Usually, it is a very busy spot but we came to Berlin at the perfect time where tourism is not too busy. I am not one for trying new foods but while abroad, you must! We ordered the original 36. It was amazingly good and amazingly cheap only costing us 1.80 euros and it filled us up. They are a perfect late night snack after hitting the bars/clubs. During the busy season of tourism going, late night is when the line is nice and short! Don’t be afraid to try new foods, you’ll never know if you like or not. Especially when the food is cheap, why not? And who knows when you’ll come back to Kreuzberg again!
Next, we had to see how their burgers compared to those in the United States! This would be a tough one because I’ve had some good burgers back in the U.S., To say the least, I was not disappointed by Loui’s burgers. The burgers were absolutely amazing! One tip to remember don’t ask for “french fries” here, they won’t understand instead ask for “potato wedges”. They also cooked the burger to one temperature so if you’re picky about how your burger is cooked maybe try a different restaurant that may cook it to your specifications. And for me nothing is better than having some wine at lunch even though it doesn’t go with a burger, it was still great. I highly suggest going to visit Loui’s Burgers especially if you want a little taste of home.
Olivia Finocchio