Fall Essentials Shopping List

Fall is the perfect time to layer all sort of colors and textures that keep you cozy while still looking stylish.

Out of all the seasons, I have to say fall fashion is my absolute favorite. It’s not too cold yet, so you don’t have to completely bundle up, but you can still layer on the cutest trends! Layering is key for fall fashion: from throwing a vest on over your button up shirt or a sweater over a dress! Here are some of my favorite fall essentials this season:


Fur vest – I am a huge fan of the faux fur look! It’s super classy and can polish any look.


Blanket Scarves – These are on repeat this season! It’s a scarf that will actually keep you warm, unlike the lightweight patterned fashion scarves that used to be in style. This is an investment that is worth it in New England!


The Everyday Flannel – They’re super cozy and casual, and they are perfect for layering!


A Comfortable Pair of Booties – This style shoe is probably my favorite of them all. It’s a heel that’s actually comfortable for everyday wear, and can go with pretty much any outfit. They’re super versatile too, whether it’s going apple picking or to wear to school booties are perfect for practically any occasion!

DSCN4270 (1)

A Patterned Poncho – Ponchos are the new thing! Another perfect item for layering, and a necessity for the Boston weather!