Does Selena Really Want to Look Good For You? It will cost you a pretty penny if she does!


Hey, we admit it, Selena Gomez is red hot right now.  But asking thousands of dollars for her concert kicked off with a VIP Meet And Greet?  That sounds a bit ridiculous to us.  Particularly for a talent is who not especially talented.  So, what do you think?  Is this a money grab or Hollywood Status Quo?

Selena Gomez may have brought much happiness to her fans around the world when her new album Revival dropped on October 9, but if her fans want to thank her in person, it’s going to cost them … and cost them BIG.

That’s because the Meet & Greet Package for her upcoming tour costs more than most teens’ Sweet 16 parties!

The Good To You singer has everyone wondering whether it’s worth it to purchase the opportunity to meet Selena for a costly price.  Sure, some people may do it, if their Moms and Dads really love them, lol.  The list of outrageous options runs long, here’s a complete list of the various packages Selena is currently offering:

Meet & Greet Package — $566
Front Row Package — $4668
Early Entry Package — $3166
Gold Hot Seat Package — $2661
Silver Hot Seat Package — $161

How much is too much to  meet your favorite pop starts?  What would you pay?  Want to find out what it will cost you to purchase tickets to her May 28th show at the TD Garden in the presale that is currently being offered – use offer code:

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