Billy … athlete, joker, writer, avid Boston sports fan

Billy is one high school student who knows how to have fun … sometimes too much so.  In between playing hockey and lacrosse for Saint John’s Prep on Boston’s North Shore, Billy does his best to avoid school work at all costs and socialize as much as possible.  He loves Boston’s sports teams – the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics as much – if not more – than most Boston sports fans.  And he loves to find out where the party is at and what is going on in and around Boston.

Look for Billy to provide insights into Boston sports, as well as providing humorous social media contributions.  He’s also in charge of recruiting some of Greater Boston’s best student sports writers to contribute to Dirty Water Teen on a regular basis.  We’re also pretty sure that if there’s an event to plan, Billy will have some hand in spreading the word and building a crowd.  Basically, Billy’s here to keep it real and keep everyone on their toes.  Should be a good time.

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