If you think you can beat jet lag, you can’t. When I arrived I felt energetic and ready to go but as I got to my hotel I was ready to sleep then woke up at 2 am but as able to sleep again till 11:30. At first, I was upset because I wanted to explore all day but I knew I needed that sleep. Let your body rest and don’t rush to adventure off, your body needs to get used to a new lifestyle.
I am in an amazing hotel that is walking distance to some pretty great attractions. I headed over to Checkpoint Charlie. It was an amazing site to see. It may not seem like much but this is one of the most legendary points in the Cold War. This is where the West-East divide began and ended. There were many shops and small museums that you could enter for free!
A bit ways down from Checkpoint Charlie was the Topography of Terror. This is the site of where the main headquarters of the Secret State Police, the Reich SS Leadership and Security Services of the SS and the Reich Security Main office were located. The buildings were destroyed in the final phases of the war but then the site was then set up to inform visitors of its history. This museum is open to the public for free. You are free to walk around or sign up for a tour! Don’t worry captions are in English too. I highly suggest taking advantage of every free museum! Don’t forget to get information pamphlets to learn more. Here’s the website to check out more:¬†https://www.topographie.de/en
Across from the museum is 200 meters left of the Wall that divided the districts of Mitte and Kreuzberg. It is one of the few remaining parts of the wall in Berlin. It was quite a site to see!