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A Message from Gordon Hayward


As I continue the long, arduous process of rehab, I’ve found that it’s important to keep things simple.

The theme for me right now is, “Be better today than I was yesterday.”

I’m trying to make these slow gains, and creep back up to 100 percent. Improve every day.

And it has been a gradual process. I started with the cast. Then after I got the cast off, I was put into a boot so that we could start manual therapy. At first, I was wearing the boot all the time and stuck on crutches. At one point, they had me take off the boot before I went to sleep, or when I was just laying around.

Now I’m off the crutches completely, and I’m totally out of the boot, too. Instead, I’m in a brace, which I’ll probably be wearing for the foreseeable future while I’m doing rehab and all that stuff.

It’s all about making slow progress. Baby steps.


I’m making progress in therapy as well.

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