Weeks after celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Disney has announced that our favorite Wildcats are coming back for more, with Disney’s “High School Musical 4”!
That’s right everyone’s favorite High School sing-along is back! But are they not as “All In This Together” as we would have hoped? The rumors are true, and the fourth movie is definitely happening, but with an entirely new cast. Producers are currently on the search for five brand new leads, and are giving this cast an all new twist on our favorite East High Students. The new HSM crew will include a soccer player, a bad boy dancer, an athlete who doubles as a theatre nerd (Troy?), a cheerleaders and an ex-queen bee.

Here’s all you need to know about our soon to be High School Musical Prodigies:

Erin is basically the tough girl version of Gabriella. She is the only girl on the boy’s soccer team, and always strives for perfection. Poor Erin falls for the bad boy (of course) and ends up in a tough place as she is unsure whether or not she should follow her heart or keep her head in the game (LOL).

Derek is your typical bad boy. He is like one of those big Cadbury eggs, tough on the outside and soft on the inside. He is an amazing soccer player, which makes him the perfect match for Erin, am I right? He is also a very talented dancer and teaches little girls at his family’s studio. So basically he is the perfect guy … bad boy, soccer player, dance instructor to little girls, and a family man.

Campbell is the new and not-so improved Troy Bolten. He is the gorgeous soccer captain and is a theatre star, which shows that the 4th installment of HSM will not have their characters sticking to the status quo. Rumor has it that Campbell is also Sharpay and Ryan’s cousin. Campbell likes Erin as well, which does not bode well as Erin has a crush on the bad boy,

Nathalie is the preppy, happy, cheerleader side kick to Erin. And that is basically all you need to know about Nathalie.

Tamara is, in my opinion, the new Sharpay, the “former queen bee” and current cheer squad member who is attempting to regain her social status.

The new cast should be interesting and I will certainly tune in when HSM4 airs, but there is definitely no promises that it will live up to the pass three fan favorites.