Written by Sadiya Crowshaw

1. Take a day or night trip into Boston with your friends!

a. Whether it be grabbing a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry, walking the common, attending one of the Italian Feasts, or having no plan at all, Boston with friends is always a great memory.

Mike's Pastry

2. Attend as many grad parties as you can.

a. Time is running out and grad parties are a great way to stay in contact with all of your friends, especially ones you might not see too often.

3. Drive down to MaryLou’s Coffee shop.

a. Who doesn’t love a specialty MaryLou’s Coffee?!


4. Go for a bike ride.

a. Honestly, when was the last time you went on a bike ride? Grab a friend and go explore. It’s a great way to get some exercise, socialize, and relax before the upcoming college shenanigans.

5. Hug your parents.

a. Give your parents a hug everyday before you leave no matter how annoyed you are with them that day because there’s only about three weeks left before you leave the nest.

hug mom

6. Visit Mr. Crepe in Somerville’s Davis Square.

a. Crepes are something everybody enjoys and Davis Square is a vibrant and hip place to spend some time with your friends, significant other, or family.
Mr Crepe 113957541_1428290130521501_2115541204_n

7. Go on a weekend getaway.

a. Take a drive to New Hampshire, plan a mini getaway, or even go camping within the next few weeks. Yeah, yeah, you have to finish shopping and filling out forms there’s always room for a little down time.

girl camping

8. Hit up a local concert

a. Boston always has something going on. Weather you’ve heard of the band or not, go out and hear some new music. You might just find a new genre you like to now bring to school with you!

House of Blues

9. Cut out some bad habits (personality or lifestyle)

a. College is one of your chances for a new start where you can find yourself and become the best you that you can be. Try to slowly eliminate the negativity you have and do something healthier instead.

10. Beach it up.

a. There’s only so much of summertime left before packing up and living the dorm life. Get in one more beach day before next year!


11. Laugh.

a. Live, laugh, love.  Seems simple, but do you do enough of it?

12. Get a massage.

a. Unwind before heading to school and getting consumed with all of the new things and lifestyle you’ll be enduring soon.

13. Go to a hot yoga class.

a. Another great way to let loose and cleanse yourself to feel the best you can. If you’ve never been, try it out!

Hot Yoga

14. Arts and crafts with friends.

a. Dedicate one day before everybody’s move ­in date to create something for yourself or for each other. Whichever it may be, it’s a great memory to take with you and remind yourself of each other while away.

15. Reflect.

a. Sit down and think about your life up until this point.  It’s been a wonderful, wild and crazy ride.  But now your life is about to change drastically, probably for the better, but before it does, make sure to sit and reflect on all the things that made your life great before college and take a little piece of that history with you.